LD#26 : Mustache Armies

Mustache Armies


Hi all! Here’s our entry for this jam: Mustache Armies
Controls :
- Arrows to move
- Mouse to aim/shoot

Lead your soldiers to the victory !
Crush your enemies with your mustache-wearing soldiers, heavy gunners, grenadiers and NINJAS KILLING MACHINES, BAZOOKA SOLDIERS (!), TANKS (!!), HELICOPTERS FROM HELL (!!!) AND AWESOME ROBOTS OF AWESOMENESS!! Erm…
Anyway, as you can imagine “Mustache Armies” is a really deep tactical game :)

Discovering the game system is part of the experience but if you want more infos you can read the following description:
You control one unit at a time.
Each opponent killed gives you money to spend on a stronger unit for the next round.
Each unit of your previous rounds adds up, replicating all the movements you made when you controlled it. Thusly, a massive army – featuring units of all sorts – is built quickly.
Enjoy the mess !

TurboDindon team is:
Romain “Sephy” Pergod (art)
Vincent “Raz” Filipiak (art)
Joachim “Cheun” Neuville (sounds and music)
Baptiste “Blemish” Martin (development)
Jean-Baptiste “JB” Pochet (awesome test)
Jerome “Bisou” Fait (development)

n.b.(Raz): Graphics have been inspired by minimalist paintings. End of transmission.

2 Responses to LD#26 : Mustache Armies

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  2. Antonio says:

    I’d really like to play it.. but you know, no link to download :)

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