LD#23 : Inside My Radio

LudumDare #23 : Tiny World

Inside My Radio

Download here ! (Windows Only)

You play a little guy living in a boombox, you’re in charge to keep the rhythm kickin’.

Inside My Radio is a mix of a platformer and a rhythm game: all the moves you perform must be synchronized with the tempo of the music.

  • The first twist here is that you are free to move around. This is not a runner type of game where you must follow a pre-recorded score, but it’s actually a real platformer game.
  • The other twist is that you must use your ears. There isn’t a lot of visual cues about the rhythm, apart from the various visual fx and the bouncing transistors in the background. As you’re free of movements you must pay attention to the music and synchronize with the beat to progress.

For this LD (and probably for the next ones as well) TurboDindon has recruted an awesome musician. So put your headphones on!

- As the game is about keeping the rhythm it can be quite challenging. Press F1 to display a visual gauge if you experience some difficulties.
- This game was made with Game Maker.

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