LeSadPanda reviewed our game !


LeSadPanda reviewed our game! It’s really cool, thanks to him! (T’assures !)
You are too many to post Youtube Videos about our latest entry “Mustache Armies”. It makes us really happy!
Thanks to IndieStatik, SiberianLemming, 8bitFighterX, DenArgon, Александр Распутин, FedoraG4mer, yessikziiiq, TheMalikGaming and other…. !
Thumb up !

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LD#26 Mustache Armiiiiieeeeeeeeeeees !

Our latest entry for LD#26. Mustache Armies. End of transmission.PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH

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LD#24 :Red Underpants : Minislip and the strange helicopter

“Bisou” (our heavy and hairy member of TurboDindon) taken part of the last Ludum Dare. Yes we know, the post come to late but his entry is really cool ! Check this ! It’s called…

Red Underpants : Minislip and the strange helicopter”

Minislip’s plane has crashed and he’s lost on a desertic island (Ok, it’s the most generic pitch I could find). You have to help him to blah blah blah…

If you think it’s so hard, take a look to the walkthrough

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Gamerside podcast feat. TurboDindon

Our friends at Gamerside invited us for a pretty cool podcast night. You’ll be able to hear it in the next few days!

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LudumDare 23 : “Inside My Radio”

Inside My Radio won the 23rd Ludum Dare “Jam” competition.

  • Shake your booty
  • Keep the rhythm
  • Enjoy this masochistic (for some) or delightful (for others) experience.

More infos in the game section.
Peace & have fun!

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LudumDare 21 : “Action Time! Escape from the dangerous explosive complex”

Action Time is the first game we’ve developed for a Ludum Dare event.

You play as “Roberto TNT” an action-flick star. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a film set and your goal will be to record the best action scene ever.

This exceptional premise hides a pretty straightforward platform/shooter game, but…

We know that reading a script or rehearsing is boring, so in our great kindness we’ve provided you with a clever and ground-breaking rewind functionnality. At any miss-step you can rewind and fix your mistakes. You can even rewind as many time and as far as you want to make the perfect run!

It’s pretty over-the-top and stupidly fun :)

More infos about this game in the games section.

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Website online !

Oh yeahhhh! We’ve just finished this website for you!
You can now have some news about us and follow our next awesome games!

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